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Fluid Mechanics in Australasia

Fluid mechanics is the analysis of fluid flows. The air flowing in our lungs, the blood flowing in our veins, the lava erupting from a volcano, the air flowing over an aircraft wing, water flooding from a dam and the chemicals mixing in a pharmaceuticals plant are all examples of flowing fluids. Fluid mechanicians aim to understand fluid flows, predicting, adapting and harnessing flows for practical applications.

Members of the Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society provide service to aerospace, automotive, biological, chemicals, defence, energy, environmental, food, maritime, medical, mining, pharmaceuticals, sports, and water industries. We teach biomedical, civil, chemical, environmental, and mechanical engineers, applied mathematicians, meteorologists and oceanographers, continuing a 50-year-old tradition of excellence in Australian and New Zealand fluid mechanics.

Our 350-plus members are taking on the greatest challenges of our time in water, food security, energy, health, transportation, weather prediction and climate change, under the overarching imperative of sustainability.

Job Offers and Scholarships

To advertise a position or scholarship, please contact the AFMS administrative officer at

Research Associate, Experimental and Computational Stent Testing

The University of New South Wales, Sydney

The role of Research Associate will allow you to undertake a range of activities around bench-top and computational stent design testing including 3D printing vessel replicas, facilitating and liaising with cardiovascular surgeons for bench-top in vitro stenting, micro-CT imaging and image reconstruction for computational modelling. This position will give you the opportunity to develop your research skills and output across contributing to the writing of scientific papers and reports for international journals, participating in conferences and workshops, actively engaging with industry partners, and supervising honours and HDR Students.

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Closing Date: Friday, 3rd December 2021

Two Postdoc and Three PhD Positions - Liquid Hydrogen Safety

The University of Melbourne, Victoria

The University of Melbourne is seeking two postdoctoral research fellows and three PhD candidates on liquid hydrogen safety. The project, funded by Fortescue Future Industries, investigates the behavior of liquid hydrogen upon uncontrolled release to the environment during transport and storage. Due to the deep cryogenic state (-253°C), liquid hydrogen can condense all gas components in air. The process involves complex coupling of heat and mass transfer, phase change, and turbulent flow. The coexistence of liquid oxygen and hydrogen presents significant fire hazards.

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Closing Date: Friday, 3rd December 2021 for Postdoc positions, PhD positions open until filled

Postdoctoral Research Associate - Controlling Coastlines While Generating Power

Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria

As the Postdoctoral Research Associate, you will have the opportunity to work on Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project LP180101109, "Controlling coastlines while generating power", led by Swinburne University of Technology. This exciting project aims to produce strategies for protecting coasts from storms using wave-energy-converter machines, which also generate electricity. Increasing lengths of coast need protection as the climate changes, but conventional fixed barriers create serious environmental impacts and are a sunk cost usually borne by the taxpayer.

The Project expects to derive strategies for the setting of each machine in an array or ‘farm’ of many machines, so that they collectively absorb or reflect damaging waves under severe conditions, while sustaining natural processes and generating electricity under normal conditions. You will undertake mathematical modelling, such as integration of nonlinear ordinary differential equations in both fluid dynamics and control-engineering contexts. You will also be required to undertake significant project-management work, coordinating the theoretical, laboratory and ocean-environment research undertaken at Swinburne and by our university and industry partners.

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Closing Date: Friday, 26th November 2021

Two PhD positions in Biomedical Engineering

The University of New South Wales, Sydney

These funded PhD projects will be supervised by Dr Susann Beier in the Sydney Vascular Modelling Group.

PhD 1: Investigation of patient-specific blood flow in coronary arteries using computational modelling and experimental testing Click here for more information

PhD 2: Development of superior stents and its implant strategies Click here for more information

PhD scholarship - Exploring the interactions between ramping wind events (fronts and thunderstorms) and wind farms

The University of Queensland and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Academy of Research

This PhD project will be supervised by Dr Matthew Mason and A/Prof. Somnath Baidya Roy as part of the collaborative research institute UQIDAR that exists between UQ and IIT-Delhi.

Click here for more information

Two PhD positions in Computational Microfluidics

Queensland University of Technology

These PhD projects will be supervised by A./Prof Sauret as part of a research project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

PhD 1: Physics-informed Lattice Boltzmann modelling Click here for more information

PhD 2: Lattice Boltzmann-based reduced-order modelling Click here for more information

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